About us

About us

The idea behind our online shop came about after moving from Southern California to Germany and realizing that the baked goods in Germany do not resemble the goodies my family and I were accustomed to in Southern California.  I come from a family of food lovers and we know that the presentation of food is just as important as the taste.  With baked goods, in particular, you have an opportunity to decorate and design to your heart’s desire.  We found that the tools needed for baking and decorating were difficult to find or often overly expensive.

So we took matters into our own hands and ventured into the world of baking.  Our mission is to offer you baking products that:

  • inspire you to try out new baking recipes
  • present new opportunities to have fun in the kitchen
  • are colorful and innovative
  • have a great quality and are easy on your pockets.

Another benefit to you is that you no longer have to wait several weeks for your product to arrive from overseas.  We have taken care of the global sourcing and ship directly from Germany to your house.

So welcome to our site!  Feel free to give us feedback.  If you can’t find something you’ve been looking for, let us know. 

Your Keyk Team