Summer vibes with this centrepiece

I wanted to bring a little summer and sun to my table decoration. Lemons are just the right decoration helper.

Let's start with the instructions for this lemon table centerpiece.

For my table decoration, I use a wooden tray - I have used this in my centrpiece decoration video.  I like to reuse my items over and over again.  Expect to see this fall and winter again.

Then I used 4 lemons. Because I want this decoration to be on the table for the whole summer, I decided to buy artificial lemons. This was cheap to buy from Amazon. Fresh lemons are of course cheaper and smell better if you want to have the decoration for only 1 - 2 days.

Around the lemons, I placed a few artificial eucalyptus stems. I cut them shorter to fit make them fit on the wooden tray. Then I distributed 4 tealight holders made of glass around the stems - making sure no stem or leaf is above the candlelight to prevent burns.

At the center of this centrepiece, I used a glass vase from Ikea - this came in a set of 3. From the set I've previously used a smaller one for my spring centrepiece. 
I filled the vase with some water and some lemon slices.

Since I will have this summer centrepiece on the table for several months, I use artificial lemon slices. These are super practical for this project because they are translucent and swim in the water. These have small holes on the side and can therefore be filled with water. To do this, place the lemon slice in water and squeeze a few times to make them fill with water.  That way, they get heavy and swim down to the vase or float at different level in the water.

Finally, I placed 3 tealights in here - and they float to the surface on their own.

I'm always happy to sit here at the table and find it nice when the sun shines on my centrepiece during the day. At night I light the candles and have a cozy, summery atmosphere.

Summer Centrepiece