Cake pops in silicone moldThere are many ways to create cake pops.  The most frequent recipe I have seen involves crumbling up an already baked cake, mixing in some cream cheese, then forming small balls with the palms of your hands.  

Different kind of cake pops

That method is fantastic when you have left over cake and want to recycle it.  I personally don't like the amount of cream cheese going into these and I feel like I'm fondling too much with someone's food when making the balls. Also, the dough tends to become really dense and loses its cake consistency.  

Another method of creating cake pop balls is by using a silicone mold like the one shown below.  To create the cake pop balls you can use any cake recipe and fill in the molds.  I filled mine all the way to the top, but I'd recommend leaving a few milimiters off of the top. 

cake pops in silicone

To do these yourself, make sure you lavishly grease each ball form (top and bottom) before pouring in your cake batter.

Then bake the cake for 8 minutes at 170 degrees celsius, then flip the mold and leave it in for another 4 minutes.

You can then enjoy these cake balls either on their own or decorate them. Add a little bit of powdered sugar and these become irresistible.