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I know, I'm late for this trend, but now in 2019, I finally managed some time to create a mermaid cake.

Ingredients for this mermaid cake

The base of this cake is a German inspired sponge cake. I use the following recipe with the same quantities: https://www.keyk.de/en/blog/baking-recipes-and-ideas/german-sponge-cake. Instead of 3X 20 cm (8inches) diameter cake pans, I use 2X 15 cm (6 inches) diameter pans, which are about 7.5 cm high (3 inches). I bake them for 30 minutes at 180 degrees (350 Fahrenheit). The cakes were each cut in 3 levels (ie 6 total skis).

The cake was decorated with an Italian buttercream. I put about 540g (20 ounces) of it aside and colored it in three colors: pink, turquoise and purple. The remaining part I use as crumb coat. It was quite a thick crumb coat and I let it cool in the fridge for a good hour before applying the colored coats. I use the following recipe in the same quantities: https://www.keyk.de/en/blog/baking-recipes-and-ideas/italian-meringue-buttercream

Buttercreme Färben

I use a total of exactly 250g of flower paste (about half a pound, Renshaw). Flower paste is fondant with CMC powder and dries faster than fondant. Of the 250g, use 150g (1/3 a pound) to make the mermaids (50g per mermaid). 

Gefarbtes Fondant Turkis

Meerjungfrau aus Fondant selber herstellen

Fondant Werkzeug Dekorieren

Chocolate Drip
For the Chocolate Drip effect I use 150g  (5 ounces) white chocolate with 75g (2.5 ounces) whipped cream. I should have waited a few more minutes to pour the chocolate, because that would have made it thicker and I would have used the entire amount. Since I tend to be a bit impatient, the chocolate was too drippy and I had a bit left over. I colored it with gel food color (Wilton Pink).

The filling is completely up to you. I use about 450g (15 ounces) of strawberry jam. Of is amount, I mixed 2 large spoons with hot water to use as syrup to moisten the the sponge cake layers. Next time I would add some whipped cream stiffened with gelatin to the jam to create the filling.


Food coloring, accessories, decoration

  • Food Color: Turquoise and Leaf Green by RainbowDust, Pink and Purple by Wilton
  • I created the mermaids myself. But there are also great silicone molds like this for example here:
  • For the rest of the decor I use the following Wilton silicone mold:
  • Fondant tools are very helpful.
  • Sugar pearls in pearly white
  • Cake board (I use a 20cm diameter board)
  • A small and large range offset spatula are very helpful for spreading and smoothing the buttercream


Mermaid cake instructions