I love arts and crafts - particularly in spring, I'm always inspired by pastel colors, happy figures and blossoms. This year, I decided to create a centerpiece that is colorful, fun and easy to create.

For quite some time, I've had a long wooden tray in my garage that hadn't been put to use.  Besides putting some flowers and candles, I never knew how else to decorate it.  Until pinterest inspired me.

Tools I am using for my easter centerpiece:

  • 1 X wooden tray
  • 1 X floral foam for synthetic flowers - cut into three pieces. Mine is 23 x 11 x 7.5 cm
  • 3 X eucalyptus bush with 11 stems
  • 1 X star blossom bush with 7 stems
  • 2 X Flower bush with small leaves and 7 stems - yellow flowers
  • glue gun
  • Scissors that can cut through metal stems

Decorations for the table centerpiece:

  • I decided to opt for two cylinder vases from IKEA. Alternatively, two larger wine glasses work as well.
  • Easter bunnies with yellow decoration.
  • Small yellow easter eggs
  • Two vanilla scent candles

Here are the flowers upclose.
This is the flower bush with the small leaves and yellow flowers.
Yellow blooms

The white blossom bush.

White blooms

And the primary filler: the eucalyptus.
eucalyptus bush

Tools and main decoration items in one view.

Main tools

Glue gun.
glue gun

Foam cut up and positioned.
positioning of foam

Sticking first few floral pieces into the foam.

Later steps

Then I decided to add a bit more decorations to the centerpiece. 

Easter eggs

Finally, I swapped the wine glasses for long, cylinder shaped vases from IKEA and placed vanilla scented candles inside.

IKEA Cylinder Vase Set
Ikea Vase

Easter Centrepiece Pinterest

Mentioning some brandnames, so this could be considered advertising.  All items were purchased by me.  This blog / video was not sponsored.