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Today I am making three new cake stands with some candle holders that I am no longer using and a few items I keep around the house, like E6000 glue.

Three Cake Stand Designs

I wanted to create three cake stands that are distinctively different from one another: 
* glass design with a soft blue touch.  This one is ideal for mermaid cakes, that are currently trending;
* dark and wood design with gold highlights.  This cake stand is best suited for dark (chocolate) cakes;
* geometric cake stand.  I am most excited about this one.  This one will be used for cakes with a geometric or plain pattern.  A Gatsby inspired, 1920s cake would look wonderful on this stand.

Products I use to create the cake stands

E6000 Glue*
Geometric candle holder*
IKEA dessert plate
IKEA geometric plate
Wood plate*
Leaf gold and glue*

* The links marked with an asterisk (*) are so-called affiliate links. If you click on such an affiliate link and buy through this link, I get from the relevant online store or provider a commission. For you, the price does not change.

Working with E6000

- wipe all surfaces with alcohol and allow to dry before applying
- requires 24 - 72 hours to set fully

Working with leaf gold and glue
- apply the glue with a brush and let stand for about 20 minutes (for wood surfaces, few minutes will do)
- place gold leaf and let it dry for 1 - 2 hours. Then brush off excess pieces with a soft brush.

Cake stand diy with YouTube
Geometric cake stand diy

Cake stand diy - gold wood

Glass cake stand DIY IKEA