Baking Recipes and Ideas

Welcome to our blog!  We have so many creative ideas and delicious recipes in store.  We publish new content each week and cover lots of baking themes.  

Baking recipes and topics:

  • Trendy recipes like mirror glaze, cakes in number shapes, baked donuts
  • Fondant tips like creating roses, covering a cake, making beautiful brooches
  • Basic recipes ranging from basic muffins to chocolate bundt cakes and traditional German, Turkish, Persian or American desserts
  • Helpful tips for using special baking supplies, accessories and baking pans.

The best part: it is all free to you!  Most of our blog posts come with instructional YouTube videos.

YouTube Channel

We actually have 2 YouTube channels: one covering our German audience and the other for our international audience.  The content and timing of blog posts are similar on both channels.  Subscribing to one will satisfy your Keyk craving!  (By the way, "Keyk" means cake in Persian.)  

Here is a link to our English speaking channel:

Here is a link to our German speaking channel:

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