Everyone loves to eat cupcakes.  These little cakes are simple to make once you have mastered the few tricks that we share with you below.  Check out our blog for detailed recipes.

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Why are cupcakes so popular?

There are a couple of reasons why everyone enjoys cupcakes and muffins.  

     -  First and foremost, if you have a cupcake, it's yours too eat and you don't have to share it with anyone.  Cupcakes are pre-portioned for individual consumption.
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-  Cupcakes take less time to bake in comparison to large cakes. 

-  You can make small adjustments to the cake batter to create a variety of cupcake flavors.

-  With a touch of buttercream or cream cheese frosting, they look impressive and more delicious.

-  They can easily be decorated with fondant, gum paste and marzipan.

-  With a pretty cupcake liner or wrapper, cupcakes are a fantastic alternative to a wedding cake.

Why we love cupcakes

As much as we like traditional cakes, like a delicious German Bienenstich, these recipes are simply easier to pack up, share and gift when they are individually wrapped and served.  This is why we love making the traditional cake recipes in cupcake pans.

Some tips for making cupcakes

-  Cupcake pans come in different shapes and sizes.  Some tins are deeper than others. Pay attention to the sizes.  You can find a selection of our cake pans here.
Use an ice cream scooper to ensure that your cupcakes have the same size.  

wedding cupcakes-  Fill cupcake pans 2/3 to the top to avoid the batter from spilling over.  A 1/4 cup measure has been the right amount of batter for our past projects.

-  Cupcakes generally take 15 - 20 minutes to bake.  In those last 5 minutes, babysit your cupcakes to ensure that they do not burn.

-  Don't overmix you cupcake batter
.  Once all of your ingredients are combined, stop mixing.  Otherwise your cupcakes will harden later.

-  Add some rice to your cupcake pan if you want to avoid your cupcake bases from browning.

Why do I need to use cupcake liners?

If you have a non-stick cupcake pan, you may be enticed to skip the cupcake liner and fill your cupcakes directly in the pan.  But here are some advantages to using cupcake liners that you may want to consider. 

     -  Sanitation - If you are going to share the cupcakes with others, it is best to touch it as little as possible.  Liners serve as a protective guard and keep your food clean. This is also important when you place them on a stand for display.  Cupcake liners ensure that the cake will not touch the work surface area.

     -  Ease of cleaning - It is much easier to clean your cake pan if you have used liners.

     -  Moisture - Have you noticed that "muffin tops" are harder than the bottom part wrapped in a liner?  Cupcake liners help keep that delicious moisture of the cake in. 

     -  Even baking - cupcake liners absorb some of the heat and ensure that the heat of your oven is relatively evenly distributed within the cupcake.  This helps your cupcakes bake more "straight" on the top.  The material of you cupcake pan plays also an important factor in this.

What are the different sizes of cupcake liners?

Cupcake liners come in a variety of sizes. The base diameter of the liners are what you should pay attention to.

Cupcake Sizes

What materials, shapes and designs of liners exist?

Types of Cupcake Liners

Cupcake liners come in many shapes, sizes and materials.

     -  Tulip shaped liners - These larger liners add an even greater decorative touch.  These can also be made at home (with some practise) using parchment paper.

     -  Paper liners with foil - 
The foil adds a special shine to the cupcakes.  Also, these liners tend to be sturdier and are good for batter that is heavier or dense.  We love to use gold foil cupcake liners for Christmas.

     -  Glossine liners - this a special paper that is greaseproof.  The cupcake grease will not be as evident as it may be with normal paper liners.  

     -  Paper liners
 (colored or white) - the most common material used are paper liners. These come in lots of designs and colors.

     -  Wrappers - Wrappers are substantially different from other liners, since they are not intended to be placed in the oven.  These are strictly for decorative purposes.  Very frequently we see filigree lasered liners used for wedding cupcakes.

     -  Silicone liners - sometimes these liners are pre-shaped, like in the shape of heart.  This gives your cupcakes a cute 3-dimensional design.  Silicone liners help reduce direct heat to your cupcake and even baking.  Another benefit is that they can be thrown in the dishwasher and reused.

We hope this information helped you in choosing the right cupcake liner.  Here in this category you can shop for a liner that meets your needs and find some well suited accessories and stands as well. 

Cupcake Transportation

House of Marie White Cupcake Box TransportCupcakes can be more challenging to transport than regular cakes, since you typically make a batch of 12 or 24 rather than one large cake that can be carried by a single person.  Cupcakes can be transported in a single use, paper box or in a resuable transporter.  

Single use holders are ideal when gifting cupcakes, since the box decorations often resemble beautiful wrapping paper.  They are also ideal for those who ship cupcakes to customers.  These cupcake boxes can fit anywhere between 2 to 24 cupcakes and often come with see-through clear windows, to showcase the frosting.

Resuable cupcake transport boxes come in different shapes and sizes, which can hold between 4 to 36 cupcakes.  

Reusable cupcake boxes come with an inlay that firmly holds cupcakes in place and ensure that nothing moves during transportation. Another perk of the removeable inlays is that, when they are removed, the box can used to carry cakes as well.

Pay attention to the height of the cupcake transporters.  If you like to swirl your frosting high and add decoration to the frosting, the cupcake box may squish the frosting if it is not high enough.

Some transport boxes allow you to add a cooling pad to the base to ensure that the frosting does not melt during transportation.

Cupcakes for weddings

Cupcakes are becoming a more popular alternative for weddings. Traditional cakes can come in 1 to 6 layers.  The number of layers limit the number of flavors you can offer your guests, plus each layer adds considerable cost to the cake.   

By requesting cupcakes for your wedding, you have more flexibility to offer a wide range of flavors; from blueberry to plain vanilla - you can offer it all.  With a consistent wrapper and frosting or fondant decoration, you can ensure  that all cupcakes fit to the theme of your wedding while still giving you flexibility to play with different tastes.  

Remaining cupcakes can be shared with guests as wedding favors.

Cupcake Stands

Cupcake Stand CeramicCupcake stands are an important topic for weddings and other events where a large number of cupcakes are offered.  A simple, clean stand can add a great wow-factor to the display.  There are many type of cupcake stands available:

- Multi-level cupcake stands - Multi-level cupcake stands will allow easy access to cupcakes while showcasing them in a beautiful, clean way.  

- Single cupcake stands - These stands allow for individual cupcakes to pop.

Materials range from sturdy paper, to acryl, ceramic and glass.