Turn your baked goods into a bold memorable statement using these accessories products.  Here you can find stands to elevate your cupcakes, balloons, paper plates and fancy cake toppers.  

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  • Packaging

    We have gathered a set of beautiful and decorative packaging boxes.  Regardless of the occasion and which type of baked good you are wrapping, you are going to find a gorgeous box for your unique creation.

  • Greeting Cards

    You know that moment when you need a cute card, but don't have one at home? Here we offer you a set of cute greeting cards for various occasions.  Download  and print these directly at home.

  • Decoration

    Decorate cakes and cupcakes with toppers and different wafer designs. Balloons and matching straws help you to arrange a themed party and bring it all together. Here you will find the appropriate decoration for a variety of occasions, such as birthday, wedding, and Christmas.

  • Sticks for Cakepops or...

    Whether you're looking for cake pop stick, lollipop stick, or an ice cream stick, you will find the right product here. These sticks are a practical kitchen helper and some are even suitable for the oven. These are also ideal for serving fruit, if you want to offer something healthy for a party. These sticks  can also be used to create your own cake or cupcake toppers.

  • Kitchen Textiles - Aprons

    Aprons make a great gift; for others and for yourself.  We have a small, but beautiful selection of aprons in stock.  These are suited for young and old foodies alike.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items