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Silikomart Baking Supplies available in our Online Shop available with World Wide Shipping!

We love Silikomart products! Even for those who are wary of using Silicone Molds to bake with, Silikomart is a good decision.  With Silikomart, there's no reason for concern and here are the reasons why.

Silikomart Guarantee:

1) Silikomart baking molds are created in a 7-hour thermal process in which no toxins are created.  This ensures that you have no odors while baking with the molds.  

2) Silikomart products support all recommended CE and FDA recommendations.

3) The silicone molds are created with a unique, high quality, liquid silicone.  This enables:
- stability (Silikomart molds can support 3000+ uses!)  and
- thermal resistance

4) The products offer a wide range of use.  Without a worry, you can use the silicone molds in a fridge, freezer, conventional or fan-oven.  They are even safe to use in a microwave!

5) Best of all, you can wash the molds in the dishwasher.

6) Silicone molds don't have to be greased.  Cakes can easily be removed from the mold.  

These high-end silicone molds are available in our Online Shop and can purchased World Wide!

More about Silikomart

Silikomart's product offering is not limited to baking molds.  It extends to accessories including CRÈME BRULEE TORCHSILICONE MOLD FOR FONDANT and DOWEL RODS.

You can find all of these products in our online shop based out of Germany.  We ship within Europe, North America, Asia... well, World Wide!