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Cake decorating means different things to different people.  For those who are accustomed to buying birthday cakes at the supermarket, cake decoration may be limited to the text  "Happy Birthday" piped on the cake with buttercream.

To those of us who are active on social media, we know that cake decorating is nothing short of an art form.  Here...

Cake decorating means different things to different people.  For those who are accustomed to buying birthday cakes at the supermarket, cake decoration may be limited to the text  "Happy Birthday" piped on the cake with buttercream.

To those of us who are active on social media, we know that cake decorating is nothing short of an art form.  Here are some examples we have seen.

In the last years we have come across food colorings used as water colors to paint a cake. Imagine a large water color floral painting on the side of a cake. Check out Sprinklebakes for some amazing and beautiful examples.

We have seen cakes covered in large peonies and other gum paste flowers.  There is also a  recent trend of piping buttercream flowers in the form of tulips, roses and hydrangea over a cake.  We are a huge fan of floral buttercream cakes crafted in Indonesia, Singapore and Russia.  

Cake decorating also covers the art of mirror glazing; the glaze uses gelatine, white chocolate, sweet condensed milk and some food coloring to add a mirror finish to a cake.  This glaze trend originated in Russia and has become a trend worldwide.

Naked cakes are also a popular trend in the industry of cake decorating.  While naked cakes may appear simple, these can require a large set of tools, ranging from a solid cake board and a cake stand to hold multiple levels of cake seperated by intricately piped layers of cream.

The key to cake decorating is having the right tools.  You need pretty nozzles to pipe delicious looking buttercream on your cakes and a ball tool to thin out gumpaste when creating roses.  In addition to these basic tools, we also carry some special Wilton products to help you stencil wonderful shapes out of your fondant as well as silicone mats to create gorgeous edible lace for your next wedding cake.  

We hope you find what you need in our shop! Let us know if you are looking for an important tool that you do not locate here!

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  • Silicone Molds

    Silicone molds are great tools for intermediate and advanced cake decorators.  These molds can save a lot of time in creating fondant decorations and help in creating perfectly smooth surfaces. When you are tasked in creating more than a dozen cupcakes with the same cupcake topper design, silicone molds help you ensure that each decoration is identical.

    In this category we introduce you to a large selection of fun silicone molds and help you to purchase the right silicone mold for your next cake decorating project. Silicone molds by the US based company Wilton are always a good item to have in ones baking repertoire.

    How do I correctly use silicone molds with fondant?

    Silicone molds are like baking macarons.  They require a bit of practice at first but once master the art, you will not stop looking around for more silicone molds. 

    Here are some of our tips for using silicone molds for fondant / gum paste.

    1. Flexibility is key.  We prefer gum paste over fondant because gum paste tends to be more flexible than fondant.  To ensure a good result, your are likely going to push and bend your fondant into the mold in ways that it doesn’t like to be bend.  Depending on the quality of fondant you are using, your fondant may even crack as you are pushing it into the mold or will break when you remove it from the form.  Gum paste is more flexible than fondant and is therefore a better option for silicone molds.
    2. Place silicone molds into the fridge to speed up the drying process.  The length of time to harden the fondant (or gum paste) differs depending on the size of the mold.  Larger molds require a longer drying period.  To speed up the drying process, we recommend placing the mold in the fridge for 10 minutes to an hour.  When you pull your mold a bit, you will see the fondant separating from the sides of the mold, which is an indication that you can now remove your fondant (gum paste).
    3. Brush on some magical Lustre Dust or even powdered sugar to the form before pressing in the gum paste.  This helps absorb some moisture and makes the removal process much easier.  Plus, Lustre Dust creates a beautiful finish.
    4. Gum paste dries faster than fondant.  If you have a lot of experience with fondant and gum paste, you know that gum paste dries much faster and harder than fondant.  This is very helpful when you are pulling your gum paste out of an intricate silicone mold design.  Fondant would take longer to dry and may lose its shape after you remove it from the mold.  Through its shorter drying time, gum paste is easier to remove from the mold and is more likely to hold its shape afterwards.

    What do I need silicone molds for?

    Silicone molds help you create everything from tiny gum paste roses to long pearl edible necklaces.  We have seen small, pink roses added to decorate wedding cookies, sea shells added as cupcake toppers and  pearl necklaces hanging from multi-leveled cakes.  They are also frequently used to add a decorative touch to cake pops.  Essentially you can use the silicone molds to add a decorative touch to all of your cake decorating projects.

    What should I consider when using silicone molds?

    Silicone molds for fondant are not meant to be placed in the oven like silicone cake pans or cake lace silicone molds.  While they are safe for the fridge and the freezer, we do not recommend placing them in the oven.

    Can I use the silicone molds with tempered chocolate?

    Some designs may be too intricate to mold chocolate, but some could definitely be suited for tempered chocolate projects.

    A special note on our selection of silicone molds in our online shop

    We only sell silicone molds that we have tested and used. Over the years we have come across many silicone molds that promise intricate and beautiful designs but are impossible to use or look sloppy when you look at the detail.  You find tons of silicone molds on sites like Ebay and Amazon and we have tested many of them with great disappointment.  Your satisfaction is of most importance to us, which is why we only limit this section to high quality products we have had positive outcomes with.  

    Size matters

    Before you purchase a silicone mold for fondant / gum paste, pay close attention to the description of each product to review the size information.  A silicone mold may appear larger in an image than it is in reality.

    We hope you found this information on silicone molds useful.

  • Nozzles & Pastry Bags

    Pastry tips are our specialty! We love to decorate cupcakes with buttercream rosettes. We love to sprinkle pink tulips on pies, using our favorite russian tips.

    For every decoration, the right pastry nozzle

    To create delicious baked goods you need ingredients, time and the right tools. Pastry tips are one of the most important tools, because they can decorate traditional cakes and modern cakes simply and beautifully.

    Here are a few examples:

    • Macarons get a particularly nice shape when you pipe them with a large, round pastry tip onto a silicone mat.
    • Russian pastry tips help create beautiful buttercream tulips and flowers.
    • Filling tips are used to fill Berliners with a delicious cream or Marmaldade.
    • Grass / hair spouts are used to pipe grass and hair like strands with buttercream.
    • The Wilton 2D pastry tip is used to create buttercream rosettes.
    • Pastry bags, whether disposable or reusable, help you to easily pipe macaronage, butter cream and pate choux. In our online shop, you will find all of the right tips for your next project.
  • Edible Lace Silicone...

    Edible lace creates such a wow-factor on cakes and cookies.  What's even more pleasing is that they are actually easy to make, if you have the right mix (like Pavoni's or RainbowDust's) and a good silicone mat.  Below you find a large selection of our favorite silicone mats for edible lace.

  • Modeling Tools

    There are four cake decorating tools or modeling supplies that every cake decorator needs.  Do you know what they are?  You need a fondant rolling pin, a fondant smoother (particularly the corner smoother!), a tool set including a ball tool and a spatula.  Of course we offer more tools than these.  Shop around and let us know if you believe some key modeling tools are missing in our selection!

  • Chocolate Molds

    Chocolate pralines, whether with marzipan, as heart-shaped truffles or in a modern diamond shape, make a fantastic gift.

    In this category you will find a selection of traditional and modern chocolate molds. Homemade chocolate pralines are a popular choice for birthdays, Valentine's Day or Christmas. Share gratitude and show appreciation with self-made chocolate bites.

    Chocolate must be tempered to produce pralines in professional polycarbonate molds.

    Tips fot tempering chocolate and using of polycarbonate chocolate molds:

    • Chop the couverture into small pieces.
    • Put 2/3 of the chocolate in a bowl and melt over a water bar. Chocolate melts at 40-45 °. The chocolate should not melt too fast and should not get too hot.
    • Remove the bowl from the water bath and add the remaining amount of chocolate in a bowl.
    • This reduces the temperature. Stir the chocolate for 5 - 10 minutes until a shiny, flowing chocolate mixture is produced.
    • Put this in a polycarbonate chocolate mold, then tip over and distribute excess on a piece of baking paper.
    • Put the chocolate molds in the fridge for a few minutes. Add chocolates filling and refrigerate for a few minutes.
    • Spread a thin layer of tempered chocolate on the mold, serving as the base of the praline.
    • Put in the fridge again for a few minutes.
    • Turn polycarbonate mold over and knock against a kitchen surface to remove chocolates from the mold.

    Silicone molds for chocolate

    • As an alternative to polycarbonate chocolate molds, there are food grade silicone molds for chocolate. The advantages of these forms are:
    • Chocolate does not have to be tempered
    • often cheaper than the PC forms
    • can go into the freezer to make modern "ice cubes" or "bathbombs".

    Chocolate is easily melted down to give it a completely new shape afterwards. With our chocolate molds you can make chocolates in different shapes.

  • Stencils

    Decorating cakes and cookies is a much easier task with the use of a stencil.  In our shop you can find a large variety of stencils to help you design unique and clean art on your sweet treats.  Stencils can be used with buttercream, royal icing, airbrush and dusts.

    To clean the stencils, wash with warm water and a bit of soap.  Pat dry and store for your next use.

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